For an RMA, simply call or obtain it electronically with eRMA®. Go to and find the RMA link at the top of the page, or scan the QR code on this document.

There are 3 categories for RMA, each with a different policy for Returns:


Audio Accessories have a 3-Year Warranty (non-Bluetooth).

  • In order to expedite the replacement process, Klein now offers Instant Replacement of items that are determined by the Dealer to be defective. No need to return defective goods.
  • NOTE: Dealer is required to obtain the defective item from their client and retain it in their inventory. On occasion, Klein will require that these defective items be returned to Klein. If there is a discrepancy in count or item model that was replaced for free, the Dealer is subject to (and agrees to) being invoiced for the difference.
  • NOTE: Quantities are monitored and if the requested replacement volume is high or outside the normal defect range history of the model, those defects may be required to be returned prior to replacement.


Radios have a 3-Year Warranty.

  • Although Klein does not repair radios, we do replace them for free within the warranty period. Radios are required to be returned for evaluation prior to replacement. This helps Klein determine if there are common defects that need to be addressed in future production, and also adjust settings if the defect is simple. Often times, radios are returned as defective and simply needed a new battery, or software adjustment.
  • If the radio is physically damaged, it will not be covered under warranty.
  • Replacement radios (radio only, no battery, charger, antenna) are available as a cost saving option.
  • Please write the RMA number on the outside of the box to expedite the process.


Chargers have a 1-Year Warranty. High Noise Headsets have a 3-Year Warranty.

  • Both chargers (6-Shot, 12 Gauge) and HNH products (Titan, Comet) are repairable products, and therefore require goods to be returned to determine if repairable or simply replaced under warranty.


Bluetooth items have a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Most of the time, a defect after one year for a Bluetooth item is the battery. Most items have replaceable batteries. Please check this prior to getting an RMA.

NOTE: Policies are for Warranty Repairs/ Replacement, not Return for Credit.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative at 800.959.2899 or call Klein Electronics, Inc. Customer Service at 800.959.2899 x 14.